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Animatronic Dinosaur Production

How to make the Animatronic Dinosaur

PARKDINOSAUR making the animatronic dinosaur need 6 steps as below:

Step 1. Make the dinosaur sketch according to the true proportion of the dinosaur skeleton,

then the engineer will make the dinosaur inside the mechanical structure accordingly.

Dinosaur Mechanical Structure: design the program of the movement.

and Engine Locations

2. Steel frames with anti-rust, install electric parts.

Installing the Electrical Components such as Motors, reducer, and wiring
Assemble movements control system, including connect power line, set up sound and motions program.
Then the statue will do an aging test of run 36 hours on the mechanical and electrical performances for sure the quality.

3. Preliminary Carving Dinosaur Figure

Incise original sponge into suitable parts and assemble the steel frame, then cover the frame with the sponge parts to make a preliminary shape of the customized dinosaur.
All sponge parts will be pasted firmly with suitable length, width and thickness according to the dinosaur model.
In order to make the dinosaur to move in a vivid way and to have a longer service life, the arthrosis and muscle parts will be made of different resilience of sponge.

4. Further carving to make the dinosaur figure more realistic

Accurately carve each part of the dinosaur to have a realistic appearance,including muscles,obvious structure and the skin pattern.
We sculpt sponge surface to have skin pattern with a soldering iron machine according to different dinosaur.
The skin pattern’s thickness,depth are made according to the specific type and characteristics of the dinosaur.

5.Making  Skin Texture realistic and long use time

Wipe silicone rubber on skin pattern surface and paste core-spun silk to cover. The silk on the skin needs to make it smooth without defects,

burrs and bare gaps to make skin strong and elastic to simulate the real one.
Then brush transparent diluted silicon sealant on the finished skin surface to add the thickness, protect core-spun silk material, extend service life.

It needs to totally brush with uniform and smooth tactility to make the finished surface with coriaceous texture.

6. Painting

According to the requirement of the dinosaur color style,firstly mix the specified colors then make the painting with different layers.
Colors are painted correctly and evenly, after being dry the dinosaur will be tested in a 36-hours aging process to ensure operation of zero-failure.