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What is the animatronic dinosaur statue?
2020-11-25 16:48:16

What is the animatronic dinosaur statue?

The animatronic dinosaur statues are copied by modern technology based on computer-recovered pictures of dinosaur fossils which are prehistoric monsters from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. These monsters were extinct about 65 million years ago.

The appearance and movements of the dinosaur statue are very lifelike, with vivid shapes and movements.It is the prehistoric monsters that have come back to life.

Not only can they be used for display and entertainment, but also for education.

Size:The size of the dinosaur statue can be made from length 1 m to 30m, the height will be accordingly to the dinosaur and dinosaur length.

Actions:The action will be made according to the dinosaur type, size, and customer's specific requirements.

Regular action:

1.The mouth opens and closes in synchronization with the sound.
2. Eyes Blinking
3.Neck can move up and down
4. Head can move left to right.
5. Forelimb moving
6. Tail swings.
Other customized actions:
1. Led eyes
2.Abdominal breathing.
3.Waist moving up and down left to right.
4. Wings flapping.
5. Spraying water
6. Spraying smoke

Production process: During the production, pictures, or videos of the production process will be provided to customers to ensure that they meet customer requirements.

Inside Steel Frame: will be used different specification steel according to the dinosaur size.
it like dinosaur bone, to support the external shape and protect the electric parts. The finished steel frame with electricity will be continuously operated testing 24 hours before modeling.
Covering: will be used different density foam to past on the finished steel, as the dinosaur meet.
Preliminary Shaping: it will be carving by our professional masters who have more than 10 years of experience.
Carving Skin Pattern: The pattern's thickness, depth conforms to the specific type and characteristics of the dinosaur.
Brushing Silicone: it will be brushing wipe uniformly, and paste makes skin strong and elastic to simulate a real one.
Painting Color: The color will be painted accordingly customer's require.
Final Testing: Each dinosaur will be continuously operated testing 36 hours before shipping.

Control Mode(optional):

1. Infrared sensor(Recommended)
2.Coin operated
4. Remote control
5. Initiate button
The dinosaur can have 4 kinds of different control modes for options. normally Infrared sensor will be the most popular, as it is more Convenient to manage the products when visitors come close to the dinosaur around 8 meters, the dinosaur movements will be started


Control Box, Infrared Sensor,Fiberglass rockery/ Information board.

Power supply and plug:adapt to the standards of different countries. Such us110 / 220V 50 / 60Hz, (European plug, American plug, British standard, SAA, UL, etc.)

production time: around 30 days or depending on the order quantity.
Spare parts: We provide spare parts including spare motor, fuse, sewing tools, silicone, paint, etc.

Packaging: with bubble wrap to save the space


1) Whole container loading: 40HQ container inner size(L12mxW2.3mxH2.69m)

Dinosaur height size lower than 2.65m:  it will be packed completely.
Dinosaur height size higher than 2.65m:  it will be packed in several parts to fit the container.
2)Less than container loading: 40GP container inner size(L12mxW2.35mxH2.39m
To protect the dinosaurs well, it will be packed with bubble wrap, then put in the wooden case.
3)Transportation(By Air/Sea/Train): Normally it will be sent by sea to save the cost.
Port of departure: Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. The Chongqing port is the closest seaport.