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What's the different between the Fiberglass Dinosaur and Animatronic Dinosaur
2021-03-11 10:17:00

Now there are many types of simulation statues, such as animatronic dinosaurs, fiberglass dinosaurs, walking dinosaurs, riding dinosaurs, dinosaur toy cars, egg-laying dinosaurs, stamped dinosaurs, dinosaur heads, dinosaur hatching eggs, dinosaur fossils, animatronic animals, animatronic insects, etc.

The animatronic statues main materials are quality steel, brand motors, high density
sponge and 3 to 4 layers silicone rubber, while static dinosaurs are mostly made of fiberglass. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The animatronic dinosaurs, because of  the movements are operated by the mechanical structure inside. The shapes and textures are all made on the sponge, which is soft and has a real touch. The movements of dinosaurs are normally mouth open and close with sound, blinking eyes, head swinging, forelimb swinging, abdominal breathing, tail swinging, and there are effects such as water spraying and spraying smog.

The fiberglass dinosaurs are static dinosaurs, which are similar to sculptures. The shapes and patterns are quite detailed. It takes a lot of time to make a model. The shape of each dinosaur sculpture is better, and the action has a certain scene.

Every kind of dinosaur has its advantages and disadvantages. Which kind of dinosaur you need, Parkdinosaur can make it for you accordingly.