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What are the steps of the custom dinosaur statue process
2022-03-22 17:52:00

What are the steps of  the custom dinosaur statue process

Simulation animatronic dinosaur technology was initially applied in the aviation field in the twentieth century. It refers to simulating a model through hardware and software to make it feel realistic. At present, this technology is widely used in manufacturing such as dinosaur model customization. , but also because the emergence of this technology has further accelerated the development of the simulation industry and made it move towards a more intelligent direction. The simulation model also believes that in the near future, intelligent AI will bring great changes to the entire industry.

The current dinosaur model customization process technology is as follows:
The first step: steel is needed to build the internal structure of the dinosaur, and a basic machine model is welded section by section;

Step 2: The transmission device is the soul of the entire dinosaur model. It drives the dinosaurs to do various movements. The core is that the gears, motors and conveyor belts are connected to each other to achieve the effect of mechanical transmission;
Step 3: The wiring is basically operated internally, and the wiring should not be messy, which is prone to short-circuit spontaneous combustion; in addition, the heat dissipation of the motor should also be done well, consider setting an inconspicuous vent nearby and a small heat dissipation Just the fan.

Step 4: After the control program is implanted, the program needs to be debugged and checked. This is to avoid irregular and strange movements or movements of the product, and also to check the stability of the dinosaur and eliminate some potential safety hazards;
Step 5: Start to brush two layers of super glue on the metal mold, one is to prevent rust and make the steel last longer, and the other is to adhere the high-density sponge; then the artist performs muscle carving.

Step 6: Use various acrylic paints to spray color, here the artist's color layering is required to be quite sensitive;