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Amusement Dinosaur Rides
Animatronic Dinosaur Ride
Animatronic dinosaur ride is one kind of rides that you can ride on its back,  but it has some differences from the walking dinosaur.
The most different is the walking dinosaur rides can walk around, The animatronic dinosaur rides can not walk, but it has many actions like the animatronic dinosaur, such as Mouth open and close with synchronized sound, Head up and down, head left to right, eyes blinking, front arms moving, body rotation, tail swaying.

About the material of the dinosaur rides is the same as the animatronic dinosaur, like High-Density Foam, Advanced Silicon Rubber, Quality Steel Frame, Motor, etc.
You may think about how can the children ride on a dinosaur, it is safe for children to ride on?
The rides only have around 1.5 meters, also have a safety belt on the seat.
If you need the ride in which the height more than 1.5 meters, we will make a fiberglass ladder for children to get on it.