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Realistic Insect Statue
Animatronic Insect Statue
Animatronic Insect statue, It is a kind of artificial insect, in real life when we talk about the insects will feel scared or disgusting.
but when you see the insect statue will not feel in that way.
The artificial insect sculpture with a realistic figure and vivid sound. Children can come close to see them, some of the insects look cute, some of it is scared.
we will make them according to our customer requirements.

You may be interested in how do we make the insect.
The materials of the insect is the quality of Stainless steel, high-density foam, and silicone rubber.
It is sculpted by our professional sculpturer who has more than 10 years of experience in this area.

The insects can be made with movements or just static.
The movements of the insect such as opening mouth, clinking eyes, stomach breathing, etc.

The start method of the insect model can be Coin-Operated, Infrared Sensor, Remote Control or Initiate Button for option. We will make it with the one you like.
You may want to ask what's the after-sale service?
All equipment from Parkdinosaur has 24 months after-sale service, and lifetime technical support.
If you want to know more details, please contact us freely, we are always here for you!