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Amusement Dinosaur Rides
Electric Kids Ride
Electric Kids Rides are also called as dinosaur scooter because the rides have four wheels, can drive it around. It is most popular for kids from 4 to 8 years.

It is another kind of Amusement Park rides with uploaded music up to 15~25 songs, according to customer’s requirements.
The maxim load up to 110 kg, can carry a kid to be accompanied by an adult.
Kids ride on the dinosaur with speed around 120m in one minute.

The size of the rides is 1.8-2.2M long, with waterproof, sun-proof, snow proof, very easy to clean. The weight of the dinosaur kids rides is around 24kg -28kg.
Inside have two big storage batteries that can keep it being used around 6 hours after a full charge.
Can be driven forward and backward or make a turn, that’s why called Electric kids rides, or kids scooter.