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Realistic Insect Statue
Realistic Insect Statue
Animatronic Insect is a kind of artificial insect statue be made according to the real insect, it is made with the actions for park display to attract people to visit.
It can be made cute or scared accordingly to the customer inquiry.

You may be interested in how do we make the insect.
At first, we need to use the quality Stainless steel to make the insect frame, then use high-density foam to sculpture the insect figure.
And then make the insect skin more realistic, at last need to paint the color as customer’s requirement.

The insect can be made as a static statue, also can be made with movements of opening mouth, clinking eyes, stomach breathing, etc.
How to start the Insect model movement?
Most customers need the insect for display, so they choose the statue to be started by an Infrared sensor which means when a visitor comes around 8 meters close to the statue, the insect will start the movements.