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Realistic dinosaur robot for park
  • Model NameAnkylosaurus
  • ColorAs picture show or customized
  • SizeLength 5m or customized
  • PaymentCredit Card,L/C,T/T,Western Union.
  • Min.Order Quantity1 Set.
  • Lead time30 days or depends on the quantity.
More Info:
  • Description
  • Dinosaur Materials
  • Packaging & Transportation
  • Production Process

Realistic dinoaur robot for park

Dinosaur Name: Realistic dinoaur robot for park
1. Mouth open and close with the synchronized sound
2. Head up and down

3. Head left to right

4. Eyes blinking

5. Abdominal breathing

6. Tail swaying
Vivid Roaring and breathing or customized.
110/220Vac 50/60Hz
The animatronic dinosaurs from Parkdinosaur can be Waterproof and sunproof.
it will be Keep colorful 3-5 years outdoor, 8 years indoor.

Details picture as below:

Control Mode(optional):

control method for Museum Quality Dinosaur Replicas Saltasaurus
1. Infrared sensor(Recommended)
2.Coin operated
4. Remote control
5. Initiate button
The dinosaur can have 4 kinds of different control modes for options. normally Infrared sensor will be most popular, as it is more convenient to manage the products when visitors come close to the dinosaur around 8 meters, the dinosaur movements will be started.


1. Control box

2. Sensor infrared control/remote control
3. Dinosaur information board

4. Artificial stone(cover control box and speaker)

Every dinosaur statue will have one control box and artificial rock to protect the control box from the water.

on the artificial rock will past on a dinosaur information board for the visitor to know about the dinosaur.

5. Repair parts

Other Dinosaur Statue Ankylosaurus:

------------Materials of The Dinosaur------------

Materials of the realistic dinoaur robot

The quality steel also called welded pipe, is the main material of the animatronic dinosaur statues, and is widely used in the trunk part of the product keel head, body, tail, etc., The steels specifications and models will be chosen according to the statue size.

Materials of the realistic dinoaur robot

We have two kinds of sponge for option, one is the High-Density Sponge is basically suitable for shaping all the simulated products. Usually, the density of the sponge used by our company is 25-40 (the density usually refers to the weight of the sponge per cubic meter), it is soft and the tensile force is strong. The rebound rate is over 99%.
The other one is High-Density Flame Retardant Sponge. It has the same characteristics as a high-density sponge, but it has a flame-retardant effect. The sponge will not have open flames when it is burning. At the same time, it is a closed-cell with better sound insulation (since the output voltage of the product is only 24 volts, it will not self-ignite even use the common sponges).

The pigment and silicone rubber all are Environmental protection materials.

------------Packaging of The Dinosaur------------

1) Whole container loading: 40HQ container inner size(L12mxW2.3mxH2.69m)

Packaging:  with bubble wrap to save the space.

Dinosaur height size lower than 2.65m:  it will be packed completely.
Dinosaur height size higher than 2.65m:  it will be packed in several parts to fit the container.

2)Less than container loading: 40GP container innner size(L12mxW2.35mxH2.39m

For protect the dinosaurs well, it will be packed with bubble wrap, then put in the wooden case.

3)Transportation(By Air/Sea/Train): Normally it will be sent by sea to save the cost.
Port of departure: Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen , etc. The Chongqing port is the closest seaport.

------------Production Process of The Dinosaur------------

Inside Steel Frame: will be used different specification steel according to the dinosaur size.

it like the dinosaur bone, to support the external shape,and protect the electric parts. The finished steel frame with electric will be continuous operated testing 24 hours before modeling.

Covering: will be used different density foam to past on the finished steel, as the dinosaur meet.

Preliminary Shaping: it will be carving by our professional masters who have more than 10 years of the experience.

Carving Skin Pattern:The patterns thickness, depth conforms to the specific type and characteristics of the dinosaur.

Brushing Silicone: it will be brushing wipe uniformly, and paste makes skin strong and elastic to simulate real one.

Painting Color: The color will be painted accordingly customer's requiry.

Final Testing: Each dinosaur will  be continuous operated testing 36 hours before shipping.

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