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Amusement Dinosaur Rides
Walking Dinosaur Ride

The walking dinosaur rides is a kind of artificial realistic dinosaur statue and you can sit on the back of which by walking around. It is very popular in park, shopping mall, playground, etc. Children always love it, riding on the dinosaur is quite exciting for them.

About size of the walking dinosaur will be L3m to L4m, H1.2m to H1.5m. customized size is accepted.

The Maximum load is around 110kg. When children under 4 years, one of their parents sit with them together.

About the materials of the dinosaur is almost the same as the animatronic dinosaur, the skin is made of Soft silicone rubber, waterproof, sun-proof, Snow-proof, and very easy to clean.
About the rides working time, There are two big storage batteries in its abdominal dinosaur ride, after 6 hours full charge, it always can working around 6-8 hours. For more details, please contact us freely.