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Chinese Silk Large Animal Lanterns for Sale | Parkdinosaur
  • Model Name:Tiger
  • ColorAs picture show or customized
  • SizeH1.5m or customized
  • PaymentCredit Card,L/C,T/T,Western Union.
  • Min.Order Quantity1 Set.
  • Lead time30 days or depends on the quantity.
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Chinese Silk Large Animal Lanterns for Sale

History of Chinese Silk Large Animal Lanterns
Chinese silk large animal lanterns have been around for centuries. It is believed that they originated during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), when they were used as decorations during religious festivals and celebrations. Lanterns became increasingly popular during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), when artisans began to create more intricate designs. By the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD), lanterns had become an important part of Chinese culture, and were often given as gifts during the Lunar New Year.


During the Chinese Lantern Festival, The  Chinese large animal lanterns are very attractive. Each lantern is made from hundreds of pieces, lit by thousands of LED lights. Visitors always be captivated by the exquisite workmanship.


The traditional technique of making lanterns dates back 2,000 years. However, contemporary materials and techniques, like colored LED lights and moving parts, allow for even larger-than-life imaginative displays. Inspired by the animal kingdom, these lanterns feature the four seasons and depict animals in their natural habitats.


Dinosaur Name: Chinese Silk Large Animal Lanterns for Sale
Vivid Roaring and breathing or customized.
110/220Vac 50/60Hz
Waterproof and sunproof


Main Materials: Steel Mechanical Structure/Silk Cloth/Energy Saving Light/Oil Color

Service life: 3-6months(outdoor)/8-12months(indoor)

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor, Amusement parks, Theme parks, Carnival, Restaurant, shopping mall, playground, City Plaza. Hotel and garden decoration, Etc.

Production Show:

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