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Dinosaur Models for Shopping Mall
2019-11-18 21:31:44

Dinosaur Statues for Shopping Mall

Pterosaur spread its wings, Tyrannosaurus Rex blinking, and the Giant Brachiosaurus are swinging its long tail, and the roaring sounds around were deafening ... The dinosaurs have disappeared long long time and have become fossils in the museum, but these dinosaurs It was "resurrected" on the shopping mall Wanda Plaza like the "Jurassic Park".

On May 1, several million-year-old "guests"-dinosaurs-appeared on the shopping mall Wanda Plaza. Of course, the dinosaurs have already become extinct, and the dinosaurs who came to the square are just animatronic dinosaur statues made by people. However, these realistic dinosaur statues are huge, superb, and able to move.

The eyes of these dinosaurs are blinking and are able to swing their bodies. Among them, the Tyrannosaurus revolves around with a long tail, and the Brachiosaurus, which is taller than the giraffe, stretches its head to say hello to the pedestrian on the roadside, and the Stegosaurus opens its mouth wearing an "armor" , and the red tongue inside It trembled slightly and looks like he is a little hungry.

In addition, the dinosaur statues not only move, you can also can hear the sounds coming out of these dinosaurs. Listen to the sounds around you, and walk between these dinosaurs. If not the tall buildings around you remind you to live in the 21st century, possibly that you would really be terrified and think you have come to Jurassic Park.

Each dinosaur is surrounded by a cordon. Outside the cordon, there are citizens attracted by dinosaurs. Everyone is taking out the camera and mobile phone to taking pictures of the dinosaurs.
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