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Dinosaur Park in Ukraine
2020-09-29 16:15:17

Animatronic Dinosaurs Display in Ukraine

The year 2020 is very hard for us,the COVID-19 has affected the entire world.
Because of the epidemic,the family members stay at home for a long time and feel uncomfortable, we quite need an open area to breathe fresh air and relax ourselves.

Our customer from Ukraine took this into consideration and have introduced many sets of the realistic animatronic dinosaurs in the park, such as a Triceratops (one of the most popular dinosaur in the world), an Ankylosaurus with a tank shape on its back, and the Spinosaurus and Dimetrodon with sails on its back, and the Pachycephalosaurus with swollen at the top of its head,  that looks like a giant tumor, etc.

More than 10 different dinosaurs,they attract a lot of tourists to visit by opening their mouths, blinking, shaking their heads, and waving their tails. Most of visitors come with their children together, they can have a better understanding of dinosaurs and having a great of fun during the visiting.