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Animatronic Dinosaur Costume for Show
2020-10-13 15:52:44

Animatronic Dinosaur costume for show

There are two types of animatronic dinosaur costumes, one is that you can see the performer's legs, and the other is that you can't see the performer's legs.Eachof themhave their own advantages,and are made according to customer needs.

Popular Animatronic Dinosaur Costume

When the performer wears the realistic dinosaur costume, dinosaur sounds and motion effects can be activated inside, such as opening and closing the mouth, making sounds, and blinking eyes. Performers can also run and jump to attract people's attention. Suitable for park activities, parties, stage performances, playgrounds to attract popularity, TV program recording, and other occasions.The new realistic animatronic dinosaur costume weight about 18 kilograms, with a fan inside for heat dissipation, and a display to observe the external environment.

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